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Gems of Excellence Intro Class

This is an invitation for you to come out to this fun class/workshop! It is the Introductory Course to the Gems of Excellence Program. This intro class is designed for those who want to learn stress relief techniques which are the:

  1. Mind Gems
  2. Clearings 
  3. Positive Points

Follow along in the manual and experience the power of these techniques for yourself and apply them as you learn so you can feel confident in putting them to use in your own life!

Many who take this Intro class go on to take the foundational courses of the Gems of Excellence- The Gems I & II.- A Brain/Mind Empowerment Course for Successful Living.

Circles of Life is the result of 35 yrs of researching mind/body/spirit connections and is the creation of Dorothy Wood Espiau, PH.D. of Sedona

The Gems of Excellence Introductory Course*$60 (Zoom/Webinar)

The Gems of Excellence, created by Dorothy Wood Espiau, is a Whole Brain re-education program that uses a Rapid Transformational tool called Geotran.

It is a simple pre-test, re-educate, post-test system.

In this fun and informative introductory course/workshop you will learn the Mind Gems, Clearings and Positive Points. They are the 3 foundational components of the Gems of Excellence Program. You will also be introduced to stress indicator muscle testing. This will give you tools to clear, allow the body to re-circuit the electrical system—we are electromagnetic, “turn on the lights”, as well as to de-stress in the moment and as needed.

A manual is included for your reference.

Accepted forms of payment: PayPal, cash, or e transfer. 

Contact me to register or see my scheduling page below:

Any questions/comments please let me know:

[email protected]

call/text 780-720-4248

Geotran International:

*The Geotran™ materials and products are educational and spiritual in nature and address the information fields. No medical diagnoses are given, intended or implied